The Course Of Life, Time, And Events And The Process Of Change

Time or fate may separate friends, lovers,
But friendship or love that's true will ever
Thenceforth continue to live forever,
True love conquers the odd with its power.
As time passes by, things change with the time,
Every moment, hour, day, month, and year,
All things have their turn to change with the time,
Life, time, and events change with the years.
Everyone, everything, have a time and day,
A time to change, end, begin a new day,
Change is life, the course of life everyday,
All things change, and we change with them all days.
Only the Eternal one is constant,
All things in the universe, inconstant,
But despite it all, love is important,
The world may change, but true love is constant.

by Merlin Archivilla

Comments (6)

Yes, life as well as event changes with the progress of time, but true love remains constant always. Chandan
It's a wonderful poem. The cosmic process of change creates variety, but the constant Love is the creator and connector of all those varieties. Chandan
Is it ok if I use this for a project, you will be credited.
Nice poem, I liked the words. Beautiful....f a b u l o u s
Nice poem, I liked the words. Beautiful....i loved it
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