You come from unquiet
country into rooms
the marshes empty to
at low tide. Region

of seed kind. Its terraces
secreted in rivers.
The implicate system
you live in or that which is

all the while here unrenders
itself, a civility

of capture and let run.
You are wondrous
in a fundament of greens.
Unknown but you are.

by Emily Wilson

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This poem has compared to the delimma of Adam and Eve to, that of the cow. Anyone read this observation too?
there is no stopping a cow when its mind is made up, apples or grass?
Frost's observation of the lone cow unveils a day in the life of a drunken cow. Whatever the moral, he found it interesting. And we get to see what a drunk cow is like.
I'll give it another go! Frost is delighted by the cow's unpredictable behaviour -see his choice of the word 'inspires' in the first line. The animal is clearly behaving like a drunken fool, and part of Frost's delight is that such behaviour is not confined to humans. The sonnet is a celebration of the eccentric and unpredictable, whatever form it may take.
Where is the comment I wrote today on this poem? ?