CEC ( / Mt. Dona, Florida)

The Cowboy

As the Cowboy is privileged to ride the vast range
of life. They befriend many on their ride through
Life. Oh! he stands tall in his boots and big hat,
and sometimes casts a big shadow to many that don't
stand quite as tall. He has rode many an old bronc
and punched cattle more than a few times. been up
before the Sun been wet, cold and even tired. But
always a gentle friend and help to those that need
him. he is handy at many things, but don't claim to
be the master of all. For he has seem the Masters
hand in all its grandness and beauty of this Earth.
He has seen nature and humanity in its triumph's
and failures. And he can show you the Masters hand
in all of life, but he knows the Masters Love is
greater and grander than all of Creation. For only a
Holy God could love man his highest creation and
provide such a beautiful World for him to enjoy.

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