The Cowboy Life

When you wake up in the morning
And the sky is streaked with gold
And the birds begin their chatter in the trees,
You yawn and take a deep breath
And the air is crisp and cold,
So you hunker down to catch a few more z's,
And somewhere in the distance
You can hear the cattle moan,
As a lazy hawk is cawing up above,
And a whiff of good strong coffee
Drifts to tickle up your nose -
Ah, the cowboy life, this is the life I love;

Soon the sun will be ablazin'
And the air will roll with dust
As you move your herd out on the open range,
With a whistle and a whip crack
As you rustle up the strays,
From your saddle you can feel the seasons change,
For the air smells sweet in springtime,
And the sun smells summer hot,
There's an earthy smell of autumn leaves that fall,
And the crystal smell of winter
Makes the hairs stick in your nose -
Ah, the cowboy life, this is the best of all;

Oh, the sunsets in the evening
Are the grandest in the land
When a rainbow streaks the endless western sky,
As you lay down on your bedroll
By the fire as it sparks
And the leaves beneath you smell a musty dry,
You can gaze up to the heavens
And contemplate the stars
As they glitter in the inkiness of night,
And you sigh a sweet contentment
For the blessings you have known -
It's a cowboy's life, and everything's all right.

by Linda Ori

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