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The Cowboy Rides

The Cowboy Rides

His horse just a big old cowpony.
Down by his side is his faithful,
dog Hank.
They been in the mountains,
many of times.
Never seen a soul for months,
on end.
He hears a slight whisper,
and old Hank runs to,
check it out.
He finds a lady laying,
Her horses reins in her hands,
Hank truns and runs back to the,
He barks and shakes his head,
so the cowboy would follow.
He sees the lady and horse by,
her side.
gets off his horse and runs to her.
Picks up her head and finds a huge,
Places a blanket under her head.
Wets a rag an cleans her face.
Hands old Hank her horses reins,
and Hank moves him out of the way.
As the cowboy looked he was amazed,
he hair was jet black and down to her,
She was a tiny little thing.
Her shirt had been tore, and beating,
the cowboy could tell.
Yet she was the most beautyful woman,
he'd ever seen.
He knew he could love her, more than life,
She slowly started to awaken, he gave her,
a sip of water.
Then asked her what happen, and this is what,
she said, Along time ago when i was just a kid,
I met a young cowboy, who stole my heart,
away.I promised i would love him till,
the end of time itself.
But my parents decided to move away,
Its been 12 yrs since ive been gone.
And i promised myself when i became of age,
I would find the cowboy, Who stole my heart,
away.So i bought me a horse and begain to,
to search.Many things have tried to trun me,
away.I have been beating and staved,
And will never give up, Till i find the cowboy,
who stole my heart away.
He rode a big cowpony and had a dog named,
hank.That never left his side.
Then the cowboy said,
Oh my God,
Its you Laurie, Will you be my wife.

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