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The Crackpot (For Jake Hassler)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Crackpot (For Jake Hassler)

She carried on a bamboo pole
two pots to the old water hole.
One pot was cracked, it leaked a bit
the peasant though was very fit.
She walked as fast as anyone
and on occasion she would run.

Each trip she lost half of the load
it spilled onto the dusty road.
The pot was sorry and depressed
one day he opened up, confessed.

He said 'Mylady, I regret
that you and I have ever met.
I am inferior with my crack
the other pot he does come back
with every dropp from the old lake
I am a failure and a fake.
Perhaps you should have let me fall
as I am useless, overall.'

The peasant lady put her hand
onto the pot, 'Please understand
I've known about your small defect
and come to treat it with respect.
Each time I fetch another load
your crack spills water by the road.
I always have you on my right
your crack is at the perfect height
I planted seeds of flowers there
their beauty we do always share.'
She had placed seeds onto the ground
and when the season came around
a sea of flowers grew along
the path, and birds would sing a song
to all the beauty they could see
a wondrous fragrant scenery.

'And, ' said the lady, ' in the night
I come when there is silver light
from stars to show me where to tread
I pluck some flowers from their bed,
at home they brighten up the table
and when they wilt they still are able
to bring us joy, just by their presence
we are the envy of all peasants.
You see, don't ever feel inferior
a crackpot may, from its interior
lose water, spill it but there is
a need in any wilderness.
Each individual has its traits
which often differ from its mates
but God made you and let you crack
he liked you - didn't take you back! '

The pot relaxed at those kind words
next trip he saw the pretty birds
and all the flowers, far and wide
it filled its heart with joy and pride.
The other end of the long pole
there hung the pot that was all whole,
he did ensure that they could drink
much water, also fill the sink.
His work was much appreciated
by some a trifle underrated,
but since the truth had been explained
all men and beast had newly gained
respect for all the various creatures
regardless of their obvious features.

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Comments (7)

you know, i've come back to this poem often, Herbert, and i just wanted to thank you for writing it. Jake
Hoibert...you are the master!
Pot to kettle: good on you.
Oh this is happy, consoling, lifting, and lovely, Herbs. I like it when you're like this.
Raynette, I also wanted to convey that we all have our faults but that it means little. H
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