The Crafty Stray Cat

Oh! really, said the Persian cat
Who do you think your staring at?
Her haughty look it did not please
The poor old stray who scratched off fleas.
Go on, clear off, she loudly mewed,
Your manners are extremely rude
You should not scratch before a queen.
In fact, my dear you're quite obscene.

Well, hark at you, the poor stray said
At least, you have a comfy bed,
While I must wander night and day
Because, I am a homeless stray.
I eat the food off compost heap.
For hunger pangs, from stomach to keep.
While you eat salmon and bowls of cream.
It is you my dear who is obscene.

You are cosseted, brushed, and groomed,
Each day, to keep all tangles, well away
You are nothing, but a selfish cat,
Yes that my dear is simply that
I am off now, but you will not be pleased
I have left you with a load of fleas
Some pregnant mothers, I declare
Preferred your nice long silky fur.

by Eleanor Dunn

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