The Crafty Women Of Mintz

It was only a tiny village then
Away from the thoroughfare,
Had existed since I don't know when
With a grassy village square,
There were only seven ancient cars
In the narrow village streets,
And none of them travelled very far
For the shop stocked milk, and treats.

It hadn't seen much of progress since
The days of old King John,
Who'd lost his jewels in The Wash, by Mintz
Near the town of Oberon,
The villagers there were set in ways
That caused nobody harm,
But when Lars came from Oberon
There was cause to feel alarm.

For Lars was the local planner for
The town of Oberon,
He'd dragged it kicking and screaming
Into the century just gone,
He'd widened streets, and cancelled Meets
In the old stone Mason's Hall,
By bulldozing their building, leaving
Folk with a low stone wall.

He'd passed it all with an ordinance
That had given him total power,
The council caved to his arrogance,
All that he did was glower,
He put street lights on the corners, and
He acted like a prince,
And when he was done with Oberon
He set his sights on Mintz.

He drove on down to their village square
And he said it wouldn't do,
He'd turn the square to a thoroughfare
So the cars could drive right through,
He didn't care when the people there
Said ‘Leave our square alone! '
He said, ‘I'm passing an ordinance,
So you might as well go home.'

The local hall was agog that night
There'd never been such a crowd,
The villagers all were up in arms,
‘This fool shouldn't be allowed! '
‘This calls for a special meeting, ' said
The spokesman, Rupert Bragg,
‘We'll have to call on the village witch,
The widow, Nancy Stag! '

They all poured out of the village hall
And they went to see the witch,
Who was busily mixing potions in
A cauldron and a dish,
‘You'll not be needing my magic, ' said
Old Nancy, with a smile,
‘If you all agree with my plan, you'll see,
That Lars will run a mile.'

She asked the women to stay behind
While the men went on their way,
‘I mean the ones over seventy,
The rest can go or stay, '
They huddled up with the village witch
And applauded Nancy's plan,
‘We'll send him scuttling off from Mintz,
You'll see, he's only a man! '

When Lars came down in his private car
They met him in the square,
Holding banners and placards, but
That's not what made him stare,
‘You'd better get back to Oberon
Or we'll march there, for our rights, '
He turned, and hurriedly left the square,
They all were dressed in tights! '

10 November 2014

by David Lewis Paget

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