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The Creation Of Earth
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

The Creation Of Earth


True beauty is all around us, feeding each of our senses.
The most amazing priceless piece of artwork we cannot only see,
But feel, smell, and also taste!
This total feast for our senses seems to sadly, so often go un-noticed.
Open your eyes, and truly allow yourself to see
The white majestic soft fluffy clouds, as they slowly move across,
The endless blue sky, and create a sense of eternity.
The ocean so deep, so blue, so mysterious and powerful,
Its body providing a world full of life, and beauty,
Forever growing, and changing,
All of this wonder hidden,
By the endless cold blue blanket of water,
Which washes up, on the soft white sand, and begins the next gift.
The contrasting colours of the earth, lay beneath our feet as we walk.
Open spaces filled, with a rainbow of flowers,
Each painted with splashes of colour and finished with fragrance.
Swaying and dancing in the breeze are the trees,
They have so much life and purpose, by providing homes,
For our wildlife, and filling the air with oxygen for us to breathe.
Take in this gallery of the finest art form.
This is the creation of earth.

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