The Creature Within

Poem By Angela Wood

I did not wish this to be. Heartless and Soulless The Creature Within lays waiting, Enraged by the catacomb it has been ensnared in. The Creature Within first came when tragedy swept through this existence you would call my life.
Here on a mission, I know not for whom anymore. The Creature Within was my friend. She sheltered me, Ferociously protecting me like no mother could have, The Creature within. I followed blindly. She became dangerous seeking to destroy any and all around me. Still I could only trust The Creature Within, for no one else was worthy. I have sought for one worthy, for The Creature Within has enslaved me so long. I have a need to belong, to be loved to love all the things The Creature Within won’t allow me to have. Here at first to protect me I know not where the lines became so blurry. Then came you. Now I wage a war I may not win against The Creature Within.
Only a Man, but an Extraordinary Man, Paramount, able to crumple the shelter The Creature Within built, no small task. A Spiritual man one of Strength and Wisdom, an
Elder of Extraordinary Conviction. Oh how I do not desire to Contaminate you in anyway. So I battle The Creature Within. I marveled at (what to me was nonsensical) the Stupendous, Humble, Holy Being that was the spirit within The Man You are.
As I looked deep within Your Pure Soul I felt The Creature Within me stir. I have tried to quiet her. The Creature Within ill bred, Enraged at being awakened, and Ferociously seeks her Vengeance. So my Love the stage was set long before you, The Creature seeks to destroy you. If you are only speechless there is still time while I wage this war against The Creature Within. RUN Run like the wind but beware for there are many battling The Creatures Within.

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Angela Your love will win, always and anywhere. Raymond

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