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The Crippling Storm
DT (08-04-1964 / Louisville, KY.)

The Crippling Storm

Poem By Dave Tendell

We hum like blissful angels as the stunning sun shows it’s brightness from over the East.
The prisms of radiant dazzling colors fill the neighboring scene
The building of shelters, the hunting for food fills the sparkling settled atmosphere.
Peace, love and tranquility rule the calm land.

Until the hideous grey gloomy clouds suddenly darken the bright sunny sky.
At first, the rain sprinkles giving signs of the storm ahead.
Then…out of no where blows the angry unsettled winds!
As everyone scatters for shelter, thunder roars like a hungry lion all through the land.
No one is out of harm's way as the damaging winds demolish and hailstones continue to fall.

The monstrous funnel shaped heart of the storm continues to loom and blow rubbish in the air.
Optimism of revisiting the all impressive daylight is still implanted deep within our uneasy minds.
We tremble petrified and alone in the darkness as we are divided from the ravages of the storms intense frenzy.

We meet up and hold close as the storm abruptly fades as swiftly as it came to be.
Although the destruction tore limbs from trees and roofs from houses:
We must give praise for we survived it once again.
Once again, we can take pleasure in sharing our love while enjoying the bright friendly skies.

Dave Tendell - Louisville, KY.

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