The Cross Foretold

Seven hundred years before Jesus Christ ever walked on the earth,
Isaiah prophesied that He would be born through a virgin birth,

There was much misunderstanding in the land by those who heard it,
As they simply didn’t understand it would be through The Holy Spirit.

He would be born in a little town near Jerusalem called Bethlehem,
His name will be Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin.

Isaiah went on to explain the cross in Christ’s life as he appealed,
Who has believed and to whom has the arm of The Lord been revealed?

He, having no beauty or majesty, and having no appearance of a king,
Was not desired, but despised, rejected and familiar with suffering.

Although there was nothing in His appearance for them to desire Him,
God’s desire for them was to make His Son one-day a guilt offering.

As Isaiah compared us to sheep going astray, each of us his own way,
Jesus would be afflicted and by oppression and Judgment taken away,

Taken away on a Roman cross to be pierced and afflicted with our sin,
And His appearance was so disfigured, that many were appalled at Him.

It was the nation of Israel, to whom this message was first revealed,
He was despised and rejected, but it’s by His wounds they are healed.

Isaiah assures his people that Jesus will be back to save their land,
It’s then they will see what they were not told and truly understand.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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