The Crow Flies At Midnight

The world is dark and in peace.
Souls are asleep, heartbeats are drumming in harmony.
Children dreaming dreams beyond the world they know,
and adults praying for a better tomorrow.
It is then that the crow flies.
At the stillest time of the day.
It flies over homes of unfortunate families,
over shelters of abandoned children,
over hospitals with dying essences,
over the hills and the mountains,
over the bridge, and even under the sea,
it flies over the most unexpected places.

The cry of a baby awakens the darkness.
The cat jumps at light,
the dog barks at the spirit.
Yes, they see it all..
A burden has been placed.
It isn't too long before we notice:
a father is no longer there,
a child is caught up in a world of no existence,
and a loving cancer patient is released..
Hearts are broken,
tears are shed,
coffins ready to be buried..

How can it be? we ask.
Just a day before everything was going great.
There were no hints of such sudden change..
No expectations of a broken bond..

That's how we know that
the crow flew at midnight.

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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