The Crow's Talons

Like you my shadow has gone;
I sit and cry alone tonight;
In my casket, where the sun can't reach;

I prepare to ride The Crow's talons;
Where I may finally find comfort;
Soaring above the heavens;

I will look down and see you;
I will cry a million tears for you;
The winds will kiss a final kiss;

Listen and hear The Crow call;
It is calling for you, so I won't be alone;
Fly with me, for death is just evolution;

Shed your skin, and see the naked soul;
Climb the talons, onto the down;
There we will look down upon the earth together;

We shall look down upon the souls of tomorrow;
But for now, we are the souls of today;
The Crow shall take us with the souls of yesterday;

Be not afraid, for we have found perfection;
Our souls have been resurrected tonight;
For eternity we will live in The Crow's nest;

There she will feed her infinitely young ones;
We will feed off God's love, and our very own;
Together, we will find happiness in death;

The flesh and body are merely our guises;
Our souls will show us to be sinless;
Together in The Crow's nest we will make love;

Our souls together, joined for eternity;
Never to separate, we are now family;
And forever will sleep next to The Crow's talons;

by Jonathan Kyle Vargason

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