The Crown Jewels

Poem By Antonio Liao

pleasure won't give us fulfillment or the amenities
share wonder us the meaning of joy and happiness
extracted from our sensitive gift of procreation, can
satisfy the thirst of what is life

its not even excitement belongs to what the heart
possess, the beginning of every edge comes with in
the inner self of desire, a desire that keeps on
lingering to every one soul, beyond the moment of time

it is the crown of every jewel that, gives us the light
beyond the light of existence, the jewels of joy, the
union of love that portrayed the essence of the
heart, the hood that cover the inner cloth of every ego
of who you are in every ways of life; now has come in
flesh, mixed clot of blood in the womb of a mother, a
very own desire of each human sire form being of the
universe, whose domination is given by the giver of
life... the mortal father in us to the child

as the crown gives its best and glittering its crystal
diamonds; the flesh and bones comes in a most
glamorous feature of the very own image and likeness
of your face, the child with in you who shade what every
clot of blood you share has reveals, the meaning of
what life as the, fulfillment of what is life in the fullest
sense of the world

the crown has now, renew and the jewels has come to
the shine the altar of the family, let love be the light and
the ladder to step every high way in the vineyard with the
maker of life in heaven

Lou! I witness every mother receive their crown and
comes in their most splendid beauty, bringing each
scepter of throne as the queen of the kingdom, worthy to
be adored its majestic highness of royal gift of honest
love, and the jewels amongst the jewels of the kingdom;
has offer the heart of wisdom to the chamber of the king's
mind, to cherish the greatest gift of a home.... the Family

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