The Crown Of Literature!

Romantic poets and satirists only question veracity in all matters-
God, religion, political system, bureaucracy, government and all!
If they don't question, then there won't be any change for the
Better in all matters concerning human life, human value and world!

Absolute knowledge can be found only in poetry of great world poets;
World poets are the friends, philosophers and guides to world people;
Their words in their verses ever echo and reverberate in the minds
And hearts of mankind whether they are alive or dead for the betterment!

Golden quotations of such masters are the words of God expressed ever
Through them for the world to learn, understand and live life accordingly
To enjoy knowledge, love, freedom, joy and peace in the real sense sure
And their poetry is the only source mankind can rely on for sure forever!

That's why poetry is called as crown of literature that has all best and
True knowledge and love man has to know and pass them on to posterity..!

by Ramesh T A

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