The Crows Are Laughing

Poem By Rachard Logan

The crows are laughing! The crows are laughing!
Please, somebody help; This is maddening!
They're mocking me; They won't stop chuckling!
Get away you heathens! Stop giggling

Laughing, Chuckling Giggling, Screaming!
Mocking, Taunting, Pestering, Annoying!

The crows are laughing! The crows are laughing!
Oh Lord, tell me why this is happening!
'Doctor, help. He's gone deranged-he's panicking'
Quit you vile heathens. No more cackling

'It's getting worse, he won't stop resisting.'
'The needle! I got him, start injecting.'

The crows are laughing! The crows are laughing!
It is your fault! Why is it your doing?
Cease woman with your grinning and smiling
Your white skinned, demonic red, cursed scheming

I can't take this anymore. Aaaaaah...
'Doctor...we lost him.'

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