The Crucifixion

The hour came, the signs were clear, the day of days approached!
Would He be loved, esteemed, held dear, or would He be reproached?
The one He loved just turned away, until He stood alone!
Alone with only words to pray... yet God seemed cold as stone!

The one He loved was nowhere now... the day turned black as night!
Tomorrow what would God allow? His face was ashen white!
'They just don't care, it seems to Me! I'm left here on the shelf!
Nobody cares of what's to be! ' He whispered to Himself.

It didn't matter that He loved and sought the highest path!
Along the way, both shamed and shoved, this made the demons laugh!
He sighed the longest sigh love knew! Most didn't give a damn!
Yet after all life put Him through, He stayed the patient lamb...

A silence swept His very soul, immortal though it was
And yet He gave up all control, ascending to His Cross!
The trial of trials had just begun... His soul felt no reward.
He chose to love till life was done... His broken heart outpoured...

Once nailed by love, all Hell let loose... He knew He wouldn't live!
He suffered every ache and bruise... in love, His life to give!
When Sunday came, the world was changed! The Saviour lived anew!
Now there's no cause to be estranged, God's pardon's bought for you!

Denis Martindale, copyright, October 2003.

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by Denis Martindale

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