(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Crust Of The Sweetiepie

...and if YOU are the crust
and I am the filling
I would think that you must
be so ready and willing
to be closer to me
than the dot on the i
and I like what I see
I'm the guy in your pie
you're the layer that covers
keeps me warm day and night
crust and filling are lovers
who believe and who might
thumb their pie-forks at pouters
and rub gently their noses
never fall for the doubters
and bring beautiful roses
are you cooking the dinner?
And the slice of our pie
you will feed to this sinner.
I can truly not wait
for your kiss by the door
when the day of our date
brings us more and much more.

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Comments (4)

What would happen? Hugging is out (at least at the door) because of the pie I am carrying, kissing is out because we don't know each other well enough, leaves the aforementioned pie feast. What do you think? I could hold the pie behind your back? I hope we can write a couple more like this, I am having great fun and enjoy the sparks that survive the long journey because of their innate quality. Best wishes, H
Interesting poem Herbert.., Wonder if one day you will arrive at my door..........?
Very clever connotations my friend. the usual ten from me. Hugs Jan
Very, very well done, but your poetry is making my sugar rise.. ;)