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The Cry Of A Nationalist
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The Cry Of A Nationalist

Poem By Isaac Maliya

The sojourner we welcomed
Ovations we sang for his settlement
His purpose blind we were
Our affability betrayed us.

Gazing we did at his antics
Alien values he imposed on us
Venom he developed indeed
His race, colour and creed
Ah, forsaken us.
Our reticence betrayed us.

Bestriding he did start
Manifesting his alien powers
In profusion we fretted over it
Objection spread: “Majority Rule! ”
Ah! His gun-barrel incapacitated us
Our taciturnity betrayed us.

His partial rule others celebrate
The orients rhapsodise not
Over our loss of heritage
Into eternal slumber others have fallen
For decades behind the bars are others
Ah! Baffled are we
Our amicability betrayed us.

Brethren, regress not, fight on!
Hope, yes hope is there
Have one soul, hope for hope
Our bondage will be lifted! Hope!

Dedication: To all freedom fighters in Africa.
4th June 1986, Chirunga, Zomba, Malawi.

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