MS (08/22/1991 / Houston)

The Crying Sheep

There was a young man looking in the mirror.
Looking in the mirror, he saw a hidden reflection.
A young man lost in his thoughts of fear.
The decelerate of his heart beats as he suffocated for love.
The dehydration of his tongue dries for the peaceful words of his voice which doesn’t speak.
Lost after lost,
The disappearance of his love ones fades amongst his eyes, but the last time he saw them
appears on a stone.
The eruption of his anger brings pain to the chest.
His depression cause his friends to part ways.
Every night he's on his knees praying for a change
but the wicked voice covered his ears from the cure.
He always in church (Sunday 11: 00 morning service, and 3: 30 second service, Tuesday 7: 30 usher meeting, Wednesday 7: 00 choir rehearsal, and Thursday 8: 00 bible study.) He used to sit infront with a smile, but as his days got worse.
His smile got cold and he drift to the back row with sorrow.
His self – esteem doesn’t want people to see him cry.
So, when the preacher prays and everyone heads are bow.
His tears bleed down to the gate of his soul.
As his faith grew little,
He was between their secrets as his parents separated.
He found himself alone at his house.
His tears was screaming at the flesh.
Enslave by resentment,
His subconscious begin to manipulate his identity.
The insanity became mesmerize with the betrayel of his shadow.
No one to stop him.
No one to feel the inanity.
So, He close his eyes to rest in hopes to embrace hope for what's left.
Because when he arise,
he will be face to face with the kiss of death.
By: Milton Styner, Jr.

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