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The Crystal Ball Left On The Crimson And The Blade

The Crystal Ball Left On The Crimson And The Blade

Poem By Jeremy Novosedlik

the incandescent, superficial
adolescent in my eyes
left me hanging by a thread,
its in my head to no surprise
it left me crawling in these fields
another shielded paralyze
for now i'm talking to myself,
myself is all i realize

its portentous that you know me,
like you've known me long before
an open door to mesmerizing,
yet, surprising wings to soar
and if you let me lend a hand,
you'll understand forevermore
that these are wings that scale our backs
the demons left the living core

a crystal ball left on the crimson
and the blade predict the past
because the future is forever
and we never fear the blast
until the wave that turns the ash
into a molten pane of glass
pertrudes the flesh beneath the surface
but our souls will never clash

we carry on beyond the
rotting world that once devoured
all the bodies resting souls
in fields of dirt that never flowered
by the time we saw the place
we left behind in zero hour
we were in the new beginning
my queen and i, a superpower

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