The Crystal Day,

The Crystal Day,
The Crystal day was upon the Seal,
Whilst one Creature was worth a New World,
Let's move on,
See that the Felonies will fade,
That the Good Job might be Done,

Most people talk,
But hate is in their Heart's,
The Crystal day is defined by pure,
Whilst the Seven Spirits will not Kill Humane anymore,

The Crystal Light is to make that New Throne,
Mankind is on the Depths of a Hard JOURNEY to Understanding Great Words,
Whilst the Super in me hold's no Spiritual Being of Felony agains't Mankind,
Crime agains't Humanity should be Investigated,
Why we are chosen by God is not Killing by being Blessed,
It take's the Limited Soul that Learn's from out Behaviour's,
That the Movement opened the Seal and a New World Emerged,
Thinking that all over that New Creation,
God Blessed a Man that in all His Deed's,
There was a New World Order of Understanding Humane Kingdom,
Of all the KINGDOMS of Earth,
Mankind hast been the Worst in Crime and Felonies,
Why do we do that way?
Tell me way,
Do that to Mankind,
Oh! When will that Kingdom Come again and see the Light of Glorious Heart.
I see it coming,
Infront of your eytes Conquer Evil and see the Light at the End of Times.

by Abdul Karim

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A nice poem in favor of mankind,10++