The Cup Of Love

Surrender to me,
Give yourself up,
Let it overflow,
That beautiful cup.

The cup that holds,
A love so true,
The cup that we share,
Me and you.

We drink from this cup,
We share it in peace,
It makes our hearts,
Feel truly at ease.

So give yourself,
Truly to me,
Don’t hold back,
We can be free.

Free in our hearts,
Free in our minds,
In the depths of that cup,
We are beautifully blind.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

This is a love poem - to everyone. In the 23rd Psalm, the psalmist says 'my cup overfloweth. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me..' Your overflowing cup is just such a comfort. This is a joy to read - lyrical and so beautiful to read. The Greek gods had a cup-bearer who brought them draughts of ambrosia. This is such a draught. Love, Will
beautiful! way to go! keep writing ~starr