The Current River Responds

Poem By Norma Payne

The winds came up in the middle of the night --
Then came the storm with its lightening so bright.
We heard the never ending pounding of the rain
As it hit the rooftops and window panes
Daylight broke but the rain was not through
It rained quite hard for another day plus two.
The current river turned muddy as the water did rise --
And everyone worried, hoping it wouldn't get high --
Everything mobile was moved as the water did creep --
It was said the river might rise another ten feet--
Then during the night, as quick as it had grown --
The River dropped down, as Old Timers had known.
Next Morning -- it was Muddy but back in its banks --
It will soon be Clear, and we'll all give Thanks.
What is a Home? Home is the place where someone cares.
Home is the place where everyone shares --
Home is the place where we all want to be --
Home is the place that lets one feel free!
When we are young, we like to roam --
But when we are lonely -- we think of home.
When we are old -- and not quite so spry
We enjoy the comforts our homes do supply.
But, as we look back over the years
The feelings of Our Homes -- has conquered our fears.

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