The Cursed Man

I am the cursed man,
Cursed to walk this Earth until its undoing,
I have seen the mighty fall and die,
I have seen fortresses however big fall under and crumble,
Empires forged with steel and iron,
Gone in an instant,
Time takes its toll on us all however immortal we may feel.

I am the cursed man,
I have seen things normal people would dream about seeing,
Great battles won by the swing of a sword,
War declared by the swing of a pen,
People’s lives hang in the balance,
If this balance is broken people die,
For I have seen it,
Time and time again.

I am the cursed man,
I watch time as it passes me by,
I have seen grand kings, brave warriors and holy emperors,
Grand castles and huge fortresses,
Yet however strong the walls or the mind may be,
Time will triumph.

Yet one thing I have learned though from my travels is that,
Whatever shape the body is in,
The soul will always live on in this life or the next.

by Thomas Vaudin

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