The Cursed Rationality (Stanza)

Still humans are harming, killing humans
As if, modern born ferocious animals;
Still humans are wasting valuable assets
Like playful naughty children;
Still humans are passing days without food
And grazing like herbivorous animals;
Still humans are passing homeless nights,
Like nocturnal animals and birds;
Still humans are involved in all corruptions
Like nasty, ugly and lower beings;

Where is they call modern civilization?
Where is they call rationalism?
Then it is nothing but a fun
And devilish fun;
It is nothing but a joke
And serious evil joke;
It is nothing but irrationality
And so the cursed rationality;
It is nothing but bestiality
And absolute bestiality;

Let's break all the pillars of civilization,
Let's throw all the symptoms of rationalism,
Let's burn all that good inventions,
Let's forget all that well imaginations,
Let's cut off all the good relations,
Let's hunt and tear like the beasts,
Let's start eating warm and bloody flesh,
Let's start sipping fresh and warm blood,
Let's forget the title word human,
Let's back to the lives of barbarian.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │16 January,2018

by Muzahidul Reza

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A work of art by Muzahidul Reza, a poem of thoughts by a gem from Bangla Desh.
A very powerful poem brilliantly penned that bites at corruption.It echoes the flaws of mankind and government. A thought provoking piece.10
Still humans are involved in all corruptions