The Curtian Between

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

All the visions
And things I dream of
I want to see them
But don’t know
If you will be my projector

You know me
I know you
Just like we were
Meant to be
Like secret lovers in this game
Of life or death

I love you more then you can comprehend
You may not see it
But it’s deep within my soul
And I can’t ignore something that strong
I’m going insane from all the hidden feelings
Just for you and nobody else

Like a yearning that is constant
And the butterflies won’t leave
When you say my name
My heart skips a beat

My stomach lurches
I feel sick
But its all for the love I want
And it doesn’t matter if I feel this way

If you want me to stop
You are already too late
I’m already past the stop
That I was supposed to stop at

You are the one
With the key
They key to my heart
And I hope you use it well

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