MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

The Curve

I’m in this place,
So unfamiliar
It’s not a dream,
Because I’m not sleeping
My eyes are too wide open to see a hallucination.

There are people with blank faces.
Just sweeping by the wind
With an incurved face; a smile upside-down
With their teeth bearing through their frown

When I look into people’s eyes, the angels have escaped.
Instead devil horns pierce through their eyes,
Piercing through to hypnotise

The grass I gaze upon is not the colour I used to see.
The sky isn’t blue because the birds aren’t free.

The shoulders I seek support from
Are as cold as frozen ice
I’m shivering, but my palms are wet
From the hypocrisy and cowardice;
The cowardice to share a smile

A smile is just a curve
But it can change the atmosphere of life

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