(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

The Curve Of You.

With no thigh
beside my thigh

I am poor indeed

my wealth
the curve of you

carved into
my back

sharing the same

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In the area I come from, we call curving into the back this way 'Making Spoons, ' and it is such a vivid picture of how lonely a back (or thigh) can be when one spoon is missing...a cold and lonely place! This is beautifully simple...and simply beautiful because of its cord of loneliness.
I love the beautiful simplicity of this...what's stated both touches and cuts to the heart. It's like a translation from ancient Gaelic and I adore phrases such as 'the curve of you' and 'carved into my back'...just such a lovely and telling way of seeing. The opeing of 'no thigh beside my thigh' made me laugh at first and then cry with the utter loneliness of it! For such a little poem it has such a big effect. The wealth of you is not just in the words you use but in how you use them. Your words make love to my mind and I swoon! Beautiful...beautiful...beautifull. CLEAVING TOGETHER seems to be a part two of this which suggests the richness that has been lost...why not put them together as a pair? love Dee Dee
An amazing poem, really well worded.