The Cycle (Draft)

All these years have come and gone
It almost feels like the day i was born
Cold and alone, not knowing where to go
Struggling through life always staying low

The time has come to choose a path
And face the results of the aftermath
Entrepreneur or desk bound job
Don't be surprised it you join the Russian mob

Furthering your studies in a faraway place
Trying to obtain that one days grace*
Either path chosen is the same
Life is just a never ending game

Settle down and start a family
Live life oh so happily
Witness your children's marvelous accomplishments
As you bask in the glory of those cherished moments

So live your life to a ripe old age
Look through life as you turn the page
Time flies by
Yet there you lie
Cold and alone as you die
Pity you didn't get to say good bye

by Mark Lee

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