*the Cycle Of Day And Night*

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

When chirping of birds reaches my ear,
When the call of the caller
Does the heart tear,
When the rippling of the river do I hear,
I smile and thank Him
For the beautiful morning.

When the sun travels towards the west,
When evening bares her dark breast,
When fog descends on
the snowy crest,
I smile and thank Him
For the graceful decline.

When sky is filled with blinking light,
When evening leaves for the drowsy night,
When stillness enhances night delight.
I smile and thank Him
For the meaningful dark
For after every night
It is morning again.
Thus the cycle continues
Till the time unknown.

Note: Call of the caller-Muazzin who calls azaan before salaat.

Comments about *the Cycle Of Day And Night*

I will like it if you save it for me
Come morning and the breath of air That breaks the calm that was there Fog is slow to arrive in the cool And forms in a low lying pool Masking for all to see That another day is about to be Where things never are as they were before And there is no way to bring back or restore.
Very hearty words....sound like a prayer only...very much impressed Akmal....congratulations...and God bless you for ever...10
Good marriage between devotion and nature. Ilike 'When the sun travels towards the west, When evening bares her dark breast'. Please refer to my poem 'A play called the coming of day'.
this is such a beautiful and inspiring poem. thanks for sharing. it is very strong and have a magical flow.

2,5 out of 5
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