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The Cycle We Are Into
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

The Cycle We Are Into

Poem By Francis Utada

Haven’t we been to this place
The mellow song and lonely tune
Without a clue we wonder why
We keep on going back to this place

Look at the moon hiding upon the clouds
The stars freeze like it’s dead
The wind blows so cold that we shiver
A tear dropp and here we are again

We keep on coming back to this circle
Though I know your love is pure
Yet to me I have so much places to go
And we know we can’t go on living this way

Endless fear hunting you, tears falling down
The more I keep you in my life the more pain you felt
The circle blinded us to the dark side
No where to go, it’s just keep coming back to us

Could I make it any better
Pretend and hope things would go the same way again
If I knew I’m falling fast to an isolated island
Hoping thing you’ll understand, but I guess not.

Full of hope and courage you presented to me
Yet in yourself you already lost the strength to live alone
All I want is for you to understand and took that courage to live
‘Coz you know I cant stand to see you down on your knees

Would it any better if I close my eyes
Live on life like there’s no background around
Time is running for the both of us
Can’t waste no more time of yours

Could we escape the circle we are running on
Is there a way to stop this cycle
Would staying be a help?
Or is this the end of the line.

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just hope this poem will not be dedicated to me.... it almost crushed me........