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The Dadaist And The Cockatoo Proctologist
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Dadaist And The Cockatoo Proctologist

A French-Guinean Dadaist
had studied in Tasmania,
a cockatoo proctologist
who hailed from Lithuania....
they caught each other's roaming eye
and soon became a loving pair.
The Dadaist was very shy
but covered it with stylish flair
and as the years rushed by at speed
they worked together, she at art
and he, depending on the need
of birds to have their cheeks apart
but soon the Artist's talent dried
finances shrank and life got tough
when their own bird, a blurry-eyed
but funny fellow said: ENOUGH!
And then proceeded to explain
how he would make them filthy rich.
This cockatoo did have a brain
and had a name, they called him Mitch.
He demonstrated how he'd sit
upon his perch above the table,
where paper lay, and bit by bit
he'd dropp his turds, yes he was able
to twist and wiggle, and diperse
exotic patterns thus creating
a painter's multicoloured verse.
They spent the morning, still debating
but put his talents soon to use
and turned out masterpieces then
they added a Canadian goose
who brought new colours and again
the Dadaist and wife had wealth
all due to one smart cockatoo,
and, thanks to proper anal health
they soon retired on the pooh.

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This is fun. Yet I guess the message is far beyond its easy looks.