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The Dance Of The Demons (Satis Shroff)
SS ( / Dharan)

The Dance Of The Demons (Satis Shroff)

‘I have danced
The Dance of the Demons, ’
Said the attractive woman.
A negative energy
Gets the better of me at times.

In my childhood my father mishandled me.
My grandpa did the same
With a cousin of mine.
Even I was on the verge of mishandling
A female cousin of mine.

I threw my son from my lap
When I wanted to fight
With my partner.
Another time I thrashed my son
With his teddy bear,
A dozen times.
My aggression gets the better of me.
I get wild when I’m angry
And turn to a fury.

To me Tantra is a cocktail
Of love, sexuality and meditation.
I haven’t embraced the inner child in me.
I’m still working on the polarity
Of my yin and yang.

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