The Dance Of Universe

When you open eyes you have seen
the wonderful world
as one consistent and condensed projection of reality
with your friends love, dear ones, family,
with country where you grow, study and matured,
with beautiful mountains and blue lakes and sky.
And now close your eyes and relaxed
and let you mind absorbed with sub conscience -
what you have seen through closed eyes?
Look carefully for the screen or yours curtailed eyeslids and through them.
Suddenly you feel as staying on the busiest crossroads
of the dazzling different realm,
with the closed eyes,
perceiving the dimensions of highest speeds, transformations and great potencies
and you instantly flashed with the truth,
that all our world
only small fraction of the great numbers of other intentions
what have seen on great distance of your eyelids screen
as the fragments of others world, stars, galactic
of this densely packed multiplying realities.
that ready looming into your life
and completely change them.

Yes, the great thoughts is a dance of universe
and music of Bach and Beethoven revealed it excessively,
but if you able undertaking only small thoughts
better stationed where you lived without any obsession.

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by Zamir Osorov

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