IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Dancing Maidens For M'Lady Tara

Tall standing stones still mark the spot.
Where Sunday dancers turned to stone.
You may believe or you may not
But sometimes standing there alone.

I try to solve the mystery.
All legends hold a grain of truth.
lost in the mists of history.
It may be just a tale to soothe.

The anger of those pious fools
who thought enjoyment was a sin
and formulated their strict rules.
That may have been the origin

But I think that the stones date back
since before Christianity.
Before the churchmen could attack
the dreadful sin of gaiety…

Nobody knows who raised the stones
nor yet the reason they were placed.
A monument to guard dead bones.
The passing years have long erased.

What evidence there might have been
and left no clues for us to find
They can present an eerie scene
Which leaves its mark upon your mind.

They say on certain nights they dance
but only when the moon is full.
If you should see them dance by chance.
The maidens are so beautiful,

no other maid will satisfy
The lust which they inspire in you.
You will stay single til you die
because no human maid will do.

I don’t believe that this is true
I think it very fanciful.
But happily admit to you
I stay home when the moon is full.


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