The Dancing Wind

The Dancing wind
by curtisjohnsonsr

I know it’s easier to catch a breeze or two, once we have been around the bend
We should take the time to watch the leaves among the trees every now and then
We should take a moment to smell the roses, and observe the motion of the wind

God gave us the beauty of roses, the beast of hurricanes, and the sting of bees
As I was driving along a busy boulevard, I looked up and stared into the trees
I did not see an acorn, a blossom, or a butterfly, nor yet a bird eating seeds

I saw the leaves and the limbs on the trees swaying, and in the wind swinging
I am certain the birds and the bees saw it too, as they were humming and singing
That’s when it occurred to me, that it was the wind with whom they were dancing
Although i didn’t see the wind itself dancing, i tell you, the wind can dance

When the wind grabs a limb here, blows a flag there, or takes charge of a sail boat on a gusty lake; it’s dancing
When the wind catches a loaded plane high in the sky, forcing man made birds to shake; it’s dancing
Though you don’t see the wind, you ponder the motion of its dancing partners,
And then you can see the perils of its powers,

About the ability of the wind to dance, there is much more to be said of such
There are countless movers and shakers, making mighty tunes with the wind
The waters of the rivers, the lakes, and the high seas, hand in hand, making rhythm with the wind
When a dark funnel cloud forms, and starts spinning and twisting in the wind, it’s dancing,
Sometimes it’s a wild dance, but when a beastly hurricane stirs violently across the sea, and goes blasting along the ocean shores,
Creating havoc with the wind, it’s dancing
When a gentle breeze, always pleasing, starts turning in the dust, making melodies with the wind, it’s dancing
When those ocean waters come slowly flowing, and waving ever so gently to the shores, they are slow dancing with the wind
When the high seas get wild and windy, the splashing strong waves get rough and tough, high tides come raging, soaring, and racing to the shores, it’s a wild dance, but they are dancing with the wind
Listen to the wings flapping and the humming of a bumble bee passing by The wind doesn’t brag; nor does it claim to be the best dancer in the sky
But you might believe it so, if you watch the wings of an eagle flying high
You know that the wind kicks up dust, and sometimes it makes a fuss;
You may be busy, but taking a little time to observe the wind is a must
Believe me it’s true; trust me when i say, the wind can dance

by Curtisj Johnson

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