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The Dandelion
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Dandelion

It's not that the dandelion isn't pretty
I mean the color yellow is very nice
Brilliant they are, like the color of the sun
For a flower you'd choose it twice.

But it is a "weed" my friend, it is
And obnoxious with a root
That would simply go to China
And further it would go to boot.

It doesn't mind any kind of weather
Oh no, it is not at all shy
It grows where other things
Would flounder or simply die.

Some folks spray it from a can of poison
Or dig with a shovel perhaps too
Or use a forked tool and then
Wish they would disappear like I do.

BUT, did you ever have your child
Or a grandchild do it too
Bring you one with a smile on their face
Just for someone they love - that's you!

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Marilyn, I was introduced to your work when you were selected as Member Poem of the Day recently. Thank you for this sweet poem. Amazing how much our perspective changes, between gardening and being presented with a dandelion, as a gift, from an innocent child! :)