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~the Dandelions Were Listening~

I never did the
''He loves me not....
He loves me'' game
with flowers.
I already knew nobody loved me
so why should I listen
to a stupid flower?

I did make wishes
on dandelions
after the bloom died
and it was tiny spikes of fluff
waiting to blow away
till next year.

I hated wasting my time
but I couldn't resist.
I figured
''If there's even a small hope
that this will work....
I've got to try! ''

I would find a spot
where nobody could see me
and I'd whisper
my one wish
the same wish
every time.

Thousands of dandelions
blown away
by my pleading breath.

I never told a soul
my wishes.
Until now.
I wished to be happy
one day...
with a husband
who loves me
and kids who love me.
I wished so hard...

I never thought
those dandelions
were listening.

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Comments (3)

From the unique title, we proceed to a novel piece. The style and structure is fantastic. You take a theme, one that speaks of the hope of innocence, and make it real. At first there seems to be a sense of naivity, but that hide a question that occurs to a lot of us: Is ignorance a blessing? Sometimes it seems that way. This is an outstanding write Mary that can be both unsettling and comforting at the same time.
Mary, Ok...I actually read the poem...cuz I hate dandylions, and can't get em off my lawn fast enough (thank you for spreading their seeds! LOL) But what I found was a very deep poem that I loved, mostly because it hit's very close to home...the wishing part. Nicley done! Hugs, Dee
Mary, I have read all four of your excellent poems recently posted and I am so in awe of your honesty and bravery and this poem is such a perfect ending for a very courageous little girl who grew up and away from those ties that bound her and could have so easily swamped her life with the same polluted ocean of misery. Hope you are feeling better since your op and all is good with the family. Well done. All those poems just made me want to cry for you but now I'm smiling, cus wishes do come true, you just have to want them enough to. Tai