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The Dangers Of A Bored Poet
MN (11-08-1970 / )

The Dangers Of A Bored Poet

When poets get bored you should worry.
They may try to stir up some ''fun''.
I think it's the kick of excitement
they get when they see what they've done.

If it seems like it may be too quiet
they'll want to get feathers to fly.
Sometimes it is fun just to watch them
while they ''virtually'' yell, scream or cry.

They all love the thrill of the drama
and of course need to have the last word.
We all know the one that is right
is whoever can use bigger words!

I get nervous when things start to simmer
and peace is the only real sound.
Things can change in a matter of minutes
if there's more than one poet around.

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Comments (11)

I'd like to say in my defense..... hey, can't you take a joke? Anyway, this made ME laugh. Great write, and very perceptive. Lovexx, Will
I think a bored poet should be fired with enthusiasm or fired; with entusiasm
Sounds like a great description of the Poemhunter website! Well done and very fun! -chuck
Well, I try to keep my words simple if possible it's better for the brain! Sincerely Ernestine
I do see myself in this, although I'm not by any means bored...fun is good! Your poem is like the mirror image of a mirror, because of course your poem stirs up a little fun. I like it.
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