The Dangers Of Flight

Come, Lord, and meet me on the ground.
My wings are broken and I'm needing You to mend them.
Your words are a thousand healings,
And Your touch brings me to life.

I am an angel fallen from grace,
Still receiving what I don't deserve.
My intentions to break,
Were meant for Your hands.
Work Your craft on me,
So I can soar again.

My delusions of grandeur have,
Once again brought me to this perfect demise.
I try to justify my faults,
But sometimes it is kindest to be silent.

My sins scarred Your wrists and all of history.
The nails weighed equal to the world.
I still lay these burdens at Your feet,
Admitting that pain is too good for me.
I want to lean against Your breast,
And see the world in Your palms.

A love letter, written in the stars,
Placed by Your hands,
Wipes away the tears,
While I fly by night.

Bliss is a luxury after the fall I took.
Thank you for once again receiving me.

by Kyle Bellinger

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