The Dark

The horizon sees as red carpet in the dusk
Shining of the sun hides for sowing the dark
There spreads lantern light in my cottage
Short distance, the moon at the top of the hill
As a companion of dusty cottage of me
My lonely, languishing greyish shadows on the hill
There see the various lives- beetles for honey
Firemoths for the end and cricket's arid noise
Reveals the last moments of the darkening minds
I feel the way of solitude of never touched better-half
Sincere eyes keep a touch to the other hearts
For sweetest rhythmic vocals for evergreen flower!
Tears burst out for better steps into a life like a river
Ardently my desires for, in the air, the castles draw a colourful figure
Never touch other hearts with meaningful existence
See the chandlier at the top of the hill
Cold breeze caress the valley with consoling hands
Heard the voice of the bat's flawn away from the near mango tree
The nature comfortable with silent partnership
All dreamy hearts hear the murmering sound of winds
May its playwords gives to night flowers with better fragrance
Keep its cold, soft hands as an armour to live long
Keep its talent warmly to loose my losses
I slipped into the sleep for tomorrows healthy heart
There should coming dawn at right moments
There should have shines and sounds
There should have red carpet with the sun
All duties with responsible hands be waiting
Sleeping is going on for renewing lives
Life is going on at right sleeping!

by Sumalatha R Vembayam

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Sumalatha, such a heartwarming poem👍👍👍