The Dark

Poem By Abdul Sattar

This enormous flood of grief
This insatiable hunger for sympathy
This demand that surrender
These heavy draperies of grief
Heart cannot sustain
This enormous weight of sorrow
In the wheel of sensation heart feels
The moment upon which its radiance rests
This uncompromising severity of nature
At the sight of human frailty
These knocking brooms of fear
Gashes hole in the heart
These grinding moments of terror
Kills the nerves to hope for
The horizon of dreamy land
These crushing sounds of thunder storms
This race of weaponry and arms
These Psalms of sorrow and distress
This brutality of any mortal being
A sense of truth to face
Facts are uncompromising
This fabled land where mountains mourn
The land where the brightest hopes die
Children are aware of this trauma
At their childhood they know
Life is tough and difficult
The founder of darkness knows
That where the wealth is hidden
Will crush the humanity if exposed
This thirst for power and wealth
Will ruin the hopes of turmoil
Man is enslaved by the hunger
Of illegal brute of money
Dusty faces swallow the glows
Of civilised mind’s threats
The richest against the poorest thunders
This injustice of human will crack
The heavens of peace will break
The peaceful will cease to read
The science of destruction in power
Will break the human hearts
The world will not be a globe
It seems a place of mad people
Where they think about disaster
They plan agendas of brutality

To shatter the beauty of earth
The bride of peace is so deserted.

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