JA (July 30 1992 / United States {California})

The Dark Life

I am a boy with mix emotion
I have no friends
I have parents but they don't want me
As I stay in the shadows no one to guide me
I want to have a future only for me
So if you think I am crazy let me be
My life is filled with sorrow and anger
No good memories to remember
Life is a wondeful thing brought to you and me
But for me it's a burden that will not be taken
A burden that I will carry from this day forward
My life is really not worth telling
So please let me be
I am a boy with no family
Just a dark life and me
So if you think im crazy let me be
This is my life story
Not for you but for me

by Joshua Adisa

Comments (2)

omg i love it it seems pretty personal - i love it
I loved this poem Josh. There were a few line I could relate to. You spoke of honesty and truth. Thank you for sharing! I'm giving you a 10 on this one. Always, Linda