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! The Dark Night Of The Soul 2
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! The Dark Night Of The Soul 2

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Everything’s going well,
you seem to have everything arranged
as you like it: you glance into
the banqueting hall, the chandelier
sparkles above the laden, enticing table;
there’s the scent of perfection

then the lights go out.
Worse, there’s a note
in the butler’s pantry:
gone elsewhere; you’re in charge.

No notice given, not a hint; it was
all going so well.. where’s
the fuse box? Candles?

You remember, what they said
but it didn’t mean anything at the time:
when you’ve sorted it all out yourself
you’ll be like a different person.

Then - everything becomes a delight;
everything lit up and sparkling;
fragrance and scent around all things;
every single thing, its own special flavour.

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