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The Dark Rose
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The Dark Rose

She is like a mystical beam that glows,
Pulling your every step into her world,
As she glitters along like a magical pearl.

One look at her and she will corrupt your dreams,
And take you far into her forest of doom,
And leave you deep in gloom.

The dark rose fills the air with her sweet fragrance,
But deep inside her there is no room for endurance.
She will seduce and abuse your self-esteem,
And destroy your dream.

She has a heart that knows no passion,
That fills your lustful soul and satisfies your emotion,
That is that start of destruction.

She is irresistible, she can be nice but terrible,
And leave your love in misery.
Her eyes are like a ball of fire,
Her touch burns with motion and desire.
The smiles she gives are not of happiness,
Only sadness and bitterness.

Her love is dangerous, disastrous and poisonous.
Be careful not to let her enchant you with her erotic orchard.
Beware her love and her deceit.
Take no liking to her beauty.

Ignore her scent that casts a spell.
Or you will fall into the trap,
In the garden of the dark rose.

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