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The Darkened Road
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The Darkened Road

Your love for me was once selfless,
and your trust was undeniable.
I thought I had everything planed out perfectly,
but to my dismay I was wrong.
I smiled as I lied,
And I let the tears flow as I told my stories.
Behind your back I did wrong.
Behind your back, I was who I really am.
You never noticed,
or maybe you just ignored it,
in hope that it would soon pass.
I stole your money,
and abused your trust.
I bought drugs and alcohol,
and misused them along with your love.
Deceit and betrayal,
left me out in the streets begging for help,
and you at home,
praying for a miracle.
I told myself I had it all under control,
and I could truly stop when it was time.
I believed that was all true,
but you began to see right through.
You never imagined this happening,
and I never wanted it to be this way.
My love for that high,
overpowered my love for you.
If I could go back to that night I first started,
and take back that one choice,
i’d still have you by my side,
with your love and trust pushing me on.
I’m beginning my road to recovery now,
and each day seems more difficult than the last,
for I see the disappointment and disbelief in your eyes.
I chose to misuse and abuse your love and trust.
I’d do anything to get it back,
and to be the way we once were: a happy family.

*Inspired by something i read*

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