The Darker Side

You may have found love
But not I
You may have lived love
I still have to try

Yes, there's someone
Unfair to her
To say
That she isn't always there

But that's like air
It's there everywhere
But transparent
Without substance to share

You talk of love
As a wish come true
What I know of love
Is a comet come through

Where you may relish
Its wide wonders
I still wish
I knew where I blundered

I don't aim to be mean
Or see you in any way ill-fated
I just wish I had it clean
Not hoped, pleaded or debated

Some look and see love's sun
Shining bright outside their view
Maybe I'm the only one
Who's seen the worst things love can do.

by Ragy Sandid

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Sad side of love.. Well written ++10