EC (12-25-1987 / Massachusetts.)

The Darkness

I wake in a black and starry night,
In a great fright.
I can’t see anything in sight.
This can’t be right!
Why do I feel so cold and alone?
Such a sorrow that I have never known.
I reach out in front of me to fall into a hole of even greater darkness.
I feel unknown to the world now,
Like an enigma.
My world is in the darkness never to see the light again.
But I saw your smiling face in the light way above,
My angel of light and love.
You woke me up inside,
Lighting up my world,
Like a lighthouse in the foggy night of sorrow and dark,
You made your mark on my heart.
You pulled me out of the darkness bringing me back into the light.
I woke in a black and starry night,
To realize I am loved no matter what anyone says.
I have you and my friends to tell me I’m right.
Giving me a purpose in life.

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